It’s been awhile

Hello pumpkins!

I definitely plan to start blogging again some more. I miss reading and commenting on blogs and the friends I’ve made through blogging.

It’s been a crazy year but everything has settled down and Kyle is home for good :)

Kyle arrived home from deployment in September but he needed some physical therapy for his knee. They sent him to an army base near DC. So we spent the next 3 months traveling back and forth from DC to Delaware. However we made the best of it.

I also finally have a steady job as a psych nurse. I really went back and forth about settling down into psych but I really do enjoy working in that field!
So for now that’s a general update. I’m coming back with a year in review post soon! :)

How was everyone’s holiday season?
Any resolutions for the new year?

Welcome Home

Husband is almost officially home! This is mostly going to be pictures. Because words can’t express the joy and thanks I have for the support I received from my husband, family, friends, and everyone else.

Homecoming outfit. I did not want to have wardrobe malfunction. Jeans are safe.

Ft Dix homecoming. Family was able to come to the base to see them the day they arrived in the US.


Delaware Homecoming.


Dr. Jill Biden spoke! She was at their going away ceremony as well. It was such a pleasure to hear her speak to the families and soldiers.


It was great to have the husband home. We are dealing with some other issues that I will post about later. For now enjoy these few pictures we have to share :)

I forgot to share this a week or so ago but I was contacted about Mesothelioma Awareness. Having the husband out in the sun all the time on his deployment was still a huge concern for me. I would appreciate it if everyone would go check out Emily’s post about the 8 Things You Should Know about Mesothelioma

Sweeter with you care package

During the deployment, I sent a box per week if I could. I never went longer than a week and a half without sending the husband a box. The husband has a gluten intolerance therefore couldn’t eat at the cafeteria very often. From what he has told me he has not eaten breakfast in 2 months nor has he been able to eat at “chow hall” in a month. It’s been fun dealing with his gluten sensitivity while deployed -note all sarcasm-

Regardless, I made sure to send him a box of rice krispies twice a month. I have guys asking me to make them when my husband is Skyping with me. He also passes along requests. I receive specific orders on flavors and everything. It’s something I love to do for them.

I digress…

This was the one and only care package for Rice Krispies I decorated.




Design: The cupcakes, ice cream, donut, and cake were all made with my silhouette. These took forever to make. I used my silhouette cameo. I believe a lot of them came from ppbndesigns .

The wording on his box states

  • Life is sweeter with you
  • I love you more than chocolate (but please don’t make me prove it)



I believe this is the box where I added GF oreos to the rice krispies and GF cake mix to another batch with sprinkles. I plan on posting lots of Rice Krispies recipes in the future. :) They are a hit!

Happy weekend everyone!


10 Deployment Lessons

The husband and I started this journey 8 months ago. I can tell you, it’s not easy. The deployment. We all know what the soldiers go through is difficult. They are the ones away from home. My husband said to me recently ” I can’t sleep when I want to, I can’t wear what I want to, I live by what they tell me to do, it’s so hot here and I’m hungry all the time. I’m sorry for complaining I just miss home and I miss you” -insert heart breaking- am I right?

I have to do a husband brag: He was fantastic about contacting me. He promised me before he left he would contact me as much as possible and he did. It helped ease my worries but allowed me to trust him and feel less like my world is crashing down around me.

So I’ve compiled a random list of the lessons I’ve learned so far with this deployment. Random being the keyword here.

Lesson 1: So for anyone deployed or soon to be deployed, if you are able to, contact your significant other in some way. I know things come up. You get busy, there isn’t internet service, you are in the middle  of no where, traveling, or you aren’t allowed to contact home for security purposes. That’s a whole different ballgame.

Lesson 2: Speaking of, there will be times when you do not hear from your significant other. No news is good news. Make friends with other spouses. They know what you’re going through and are sympathetic to all freak outs that will happen. Also find someone who has been through a deployment before.

Lesson 3: Non-military friends are great too. They remind you that there are movies to be seen, restaurants to go to, and malls to go shopping.

Lesson 4: Skype is wonderful but also the worst thing ever. Connection is poor, calls dropped, and you frequently ask can you hear me? And when you get those wonderful Skype calls where you can see your husband, you want to praise the Internet for working.


Lesson 5: You will spend a lot of time with your electronic device. That alone is annoying and stressful. You wake up in a panic looking for your phone… uhm hello 8 months later and I still wake up with anxiety over my phone’s location in the bed. I promise you, the minute you walk away from your phone that one time they will contact you. Just accept that now.

Side note: Have a rule for calls if you want to… For example this was ours: “If I don’t pick up the first time try one more time if you can”


Layla knows how to get my attention if I’m on the computer too long. She waits with me some days too

Lesson 6: Make yourself happy. For some reason this occurred to me the hardest way ever. Like HELLO. I’m an introvert. It makes me happy. I love being alone. I get recharged, energized, and feel overall happier. People exhaust me. I forced myself to come out of my shell and be a social butterfly. It lead me to become overwhelmed and frustrated. However if you thrive off of being around people, please continue to do so. It was not for me.


Lesson 7: Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong. Will”…  It will break. Shit will hit the fan. And you will hate the world for a moment. But remember it’s a brief moment. It will not last.

Lesson 8: Get a watch that reads two time zones. I have a Digital Timex Ironman Triathlon watch. I push a button and it tells me my husbands time zone. No body got time to be calculating a time zone difference.

Lesson 9: Find a hobby. I decided that care packages were my new hobby. I loved it. USPS gives you free APO boxes. They deliver them to your door.


This was my husbands favorite box.

Lesson 10:  You can do it. One day at a time.

I will continue to post lessons on the deployment, as well as some care packages that I sent to my husband this year. If you ever feel alone or want advice on what a deployment is like feel free to send me an

email pumpedforpumpkin at gmail dot com
Find me on twitter: Itsalexis

I’m sorry it’s been so long


I’m sorry this year has been a roller coaster of events. From the husband bing deployed and every emotion that went along with it. 

Worrying about exercise and food is no longer on my mind every minute of the day. My husbands safety has been though. 

There comes a point when you realize, there are more important things to worry about than being thin and in shape and “strong”.. I’ll give you a glimpse at how I have been looking recently


Okay so the “today” one is a little off by a few weeks. But just note I am wearing the same dress plus 25 extra pounds. Yeah 25 lbs. 

But I’m happier, more confident, and living without fear. Hell yes to that!

There were some triathlons I signed up to do this year along with a half marathon but I found my true interests are with lifting. Triathlons hold a special place in my heart with my husband. I realized that when I couldn’t bring myself to train for the first one of the season. I accepted it and moved on. 

As many of you may or may not know, it has been 8 long months without my husband home. I set the computer aside and lived life. I made friends, worked out, took long walks, and healed myself.  

I couldn’t bring myself to blog about the deployment because some days all I did was cry, other days I didn’t want to eat, some days I was so busy the room was spinning, and other days I just slept the day away. 

and possibly came a slightly obsessed cat lady….


If you follow my instagram you know… Layla. My other non human half. 

I am going to now start blogging about my experience for the other military wives who may be going through this one day.

I hope you stick around and come back a little more often I promise I won’t abandon you for so long ;) 


“Hang in there” care package

Now that my husband has gotten more than a few of his care packages I can finally start revealing some of the boxes I have put together! I didn’t want to spoil the surprise in case he reads my posts ;)

My ultimate goal for every box, is to make him laugh. I don’t want him to miss home, I don’t want him to feel sad. I want him to think “my wife is the corniest person ever” and laughs. So most of my care packages are not going to be “cute” or “awwwww” .. Some will be lovey-dovey because I run out of silly ideas every few weeks.

“Hang in there” box: This was probably one of the best boxes I have done. I laughed the entire time I put this box together.


Note: the blank flap is where I place my return address and contents of the box. I hear some people can have some – ahem- interest in the boxes while going through customs. I don’t always leave a blank flap but I do always put in the return address, senders address, and contents. FYI

Next comes my favorite part of this box… My cards…




(Click on the pictures if it is hard to read)

Typically I have seen this project on sturdy giant cardboard. I knew paper was not going to hold up these heavy candy bars. I imagined my husband picking up the first piece and all the candy falling through the paper and it would have been ruined.

How to make this project shippable overseas.

  • (3) 11″x 11″ pieces of cardboard. (I used the inserts of calenders.. You know how they always come with that stupid cardboard in there and you’re like.. this is clearly not useful. Turns out it is)
  • Pieces of paper to cover said cardboard
  • Candy that fits you sayings.

Total cost: $5-10 if you find the candy on sale and already have cardboard around. You could even cut out 11″x11″ from a cardboard box.


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Ladies, your man isn’t always right

I was at the gym this weekend. Saturday afternoon with a bunch of ripped dudes who had the weekend off. -insert eye rolls- It was a leg day for me so I started off with my squats.


A buff guy and his girlfriend were lifting together, she seemed new to this whole weights thing.

Apparently it was also their leg day. He looked over at me to see how much I had on my bar, and then proceeded to put the same amount of weight on the bar for his girlfriend. I seemed to have no problem with the amount of weight I was lifting, she should be able to lift that much too. Wrong.

This poor girl couldn’t even get a good half squat in and I heard her say “I can’t it’s too heavy!”

After this incident, her boyfriend then decided to throw 45lbs on each side and show her how to deadlift. She attempted and couldn’t get the weights off the ground. I wanted to say something but it was not my place. I am not a professional trainer.

This made me think, ladies just because your man lifts, is big and bulky…

  • Do not assume he knows what he is doing. Unless of course your spouse is a trainer then listen to them but more importantly listen to your body
  • focus on your form when you are starting out.
  • Do not force yourself to lift heavy at first. It will come over time if you keep up with it.

End Rant


This weekend really consisted of laying around


and some gorgeous weather with a run outside.


Yes I run as slow as molasses. I am passed by speed walkers a lot. However 11-12 minute miles are my sweet spot for the moment. I don’t need to run faster. I am completely content with my slow runs.

This week is going to be filled with sunshine and warm weather I know I will be enjoying as much time outside as possible!


What did you do this weekend?