Wrapped and Ready

Good morning pumpkins!

Yesterday was ROUGH. I was having major issues with my food thoughts. So I told them to back off and ate some of the following.

Sunday’s Lunch:

chicken sandwich with lots of veggies

Sunday’s Dinner!

Shrimp salad :) Delicious.


Strawberries on a van’s lite waffle followed by a smoothie.


Tuna Melt with Veggies. YUM. Let me tell you that tuna sandwich was made with hummus. I covered carbs, protein, and fat all in one. I’m so proud

I’ve also been snacking a lot so please don’t think this is ALL I eat.

SHIN SPLINTS GO AWAY PLEASE. I wore flipflops for the first time the other day that had ZERO arch support. Obviously that was a bad decision. I’ve been wrapping it up, icing, resting, and of course taking ibuprofen that’s probably currently eating away at the lining of my stomach. Sorry stomach lining please don’t get an ulcer.

See that Layla? Layla was impressed and give me high-five. She doubted my flexibility.

So lately I’ve been backing way off on the intensity of my workouts. I’ve started to break up my walks into morning and afternoon and I’m no where near walking/lifting as much as I used to. okay I may be walking more but it’s at a slower pace.. it’s more like a stroll. It’s been really hard to back off on the exercise since that was my way of coping with everything. I’m trying to find other things to do like read, clean (ha sort of), and work on my photography skills. Although walking has been helping my back a ton because sitting and laying down really screw me over.

Any suggestions on what else I can do during the day?

Have any good eats today?

13 thoughts on “Wrapped and Ready

  1. Happy Monday morning, love!

    Sorry I missed commenting on your last post, but the banana bread in a jar is a fantastic idea. Looks delish!

    It’s great to see you taking better care of yourself *hugs* And good for you for cutting down on the exercise, because undereating and overtraining only leads to injury and does a lot more harm than good… even if it does help you cope.

    My suggestion for things to do during the day would be to read, write, go shopping, pamper yourself (nails, face, hair… the works!), try some yoga, watch TV… or puzzles and coloring books can always make a fun distraction ;)

  2. I love using hummus as a mix in with tuna! It’s really tasty!! I often mash an avocado and mix it in with tuna as well – very good! Ah, shin splints are the worst. And I’m the worst with shoes. I still wear the super flat ones with zero arch support and with each step I can feel the pressure on my shins. It’s the worst! My only hobby is shopping – and I wouldn’t recommend it because you will be ultra poor in no time. :) Are you using photobucket to make your picture “frames”? I just started playing around with it and it’s fun!!

  3. Mmm shrimp salad–boy does that look good! hahaha I’m diggin the kitty high-five too, that rocks! :D
    Watching disney movies, whippin out the crayolas and coloring disney princesses, or sew a t-shirt quilt out of old tees–I made one the other week while I was bored and it was fun!
    Oh and another REALLY fun thing to pass time is “Wreck This Journal” It’s craaazyy FUN!! http://www.amazon.com/Wreck-This-Journal-Keri-Smith/dp/039953346X

    • I have one of those! I should whip it back out and finish it.. I LOVE the tee shirt idea! I have so many shirts that need to be “saved” but I don’t want them in my drawer anymore

  4. Hey there. great job combating your food thoughts. I’ve begun eating more and honestly I’ve never felt better. I’ve given myself a time frame and said “okay, from now until XXXX I’m going to just eat well. and if I don’t like it, then I can adjust it” and I’m feeling so good- I even broke out the shorts! That said, I might make sure I’m getting in more food and backing off on exercise. Your body can’t even function correctly without these things. If your legs are acting up, chances are that your body is begging you for more nutrition and to stop exercising so hard!! Listen to it! If you feel like you need to move, try some gentle yoga.
    Try kniting, I love it. yes, I’m aware I’m an old lady but it is great. I also love journaling and reading. Have you read all the Jane Austens? or something like that, pick a series and finish it!

    • hahaha knitting old lady?! count me in. I’ve already got the 9pm bed time, 5am wake up call, and dozens of cats. I’ll have to find a tutorial on how to knit cause I have no idea. Thanks for the suggestions! I may go to our local library tomorrow and check some books out!

  5. ugh, shin splints suck. I have never had them, but my friend had them for a couple months-I felt so bad for her :(

    and know what else? Your shrimp looks amazing :) Bravo!

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