What happens if

What ifs are a big part of my life. I tend to start my sentences in my head of what ifs. Lately I’ve been trying to change those nasty little thoughts. They get old after awhile and really control my life. I’m tired of them so here I am combating them:

What happens if my pants and shorts don’t fit anymore? : Well clearly I’ll need to go buy new clothes. Did I expect to stay the same size forever? and don’t I have to buy new clothes almost every season anyway because the old clothes don’t fit anymore. Size of the clothes doesn’t matter it’s how I feel on the inside.

Best part about this picture is that 1) I don’t think Kyle knew I made this face 2) usually he’s the one making the faces :)

What happens if I can’t stop the weight from going up and up? : Clearly I’ve had control over what I’ve eaten in the past to get to the point I am at now. So I’m pretty sure I’ll have control to stop any weight gain that may be too much to handle mentally. My body will tell me what my healthy comfortable weight not the scale. Also remember I’ve maintained this weight for so long just by walking I don’t need to run to lose/maintain my weight. As long as I’m not binging everyday in McDonald’s I’m pretty sure I can maintain a steady healthy weight in my life. 

Grilled Jumbo shrimp. Seriously Jumbo

What happens if my back doesn’t get better when I put on weight? : Then we try another alternative therapy until it does get better.

What happens if I put on weight and I’m still not happy with the way I look? : Well this is nothing new. I’ve never liked the way I’ve looked. Always comparing myself to others. Weight is not the issue. I need to fix my self-esteem. Stop nit-picking everything I see. Stop thinking: “my legs are so fat” Think: “Look at how strong and powerful they are and these legs have taken me where I am today”

What happens if I can’t stop myself from mindless eating? That’s not possible. I know my trigger foods and I know that as long as I’m not eating straight out of the bag I’ll be able to stop myself.

What happens if I can’t look at the menu before going out to a restaurant?: Good! It’s about time you stop obsessing over what restaurants have to offer. Just go with whatever I’m craving. Like last night, I had a sweet potato and cottage cheese. I didn’t even want my piece of chocolate after dinner because the sweet potato and cottage cheese pretty much hit the mark. Okay I need to stop talking about that cause I’m starting to drool over my keyboard.



Sweet potato with cottage cheese and jumbo shrimp

What happens if I feel guilty after something I ate? It’s bound to happen. I learned my lesson. Either don’t eat as much of it next time or don’t bother eating it. Why should I eat something that makes me feel guilty? I should eat stuff I want to eat!

What happens if I can’t follow my normal sleep schedule?: Let’s be serious Alexis, when was the last time I slept in past 7am.. no seriously. think about it. I don’t remember. It’s been at least over a year. Therefore it won’t be too messed up and chances are I’ll be in tune with the rest of the world instead of waking up at 4am every morning. who wakes up at 4am on their own free will every morning?

I need to learn to roll with the punches. Life is not about control. I can’t control what other people do, what situations may come up, what changes my happen. So Note to self: relax, roll with the punches, and go eat some food.


How do you combat those negative thoughts?

Any photographers with a DSLR. I have a Canon EOS Rebel and I’m still learning about it but whenever I upload pictures onto wordpress the files are huge and take up a ton of space. How do I edit my SD card/camera? Stupid question I know!

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32 thoughts on “What happens if

  1. I say just live life to the fullest, life is too short to waste a day on negative thoughts! Love you!
    Oh and I have had my DSLR for almost 5 months, and still so lost! lol!

  2. Good post.
    I am going to be talking more about some research studies and books I’ve read lately pertaining to alot of this…so my upcoming posts might be of some interest to u.
    i do fea r mindless eating.
    i only walk and slow and very little – and i do overeat despite my lowness right now….so i feel like i approach this all wrong.. u seem to approach it so smart.

    anyway, congrats on your continuous progress!
    (i ate lots of chocolte last night…oops….good & bad!).

  3. Wow, this was a great post. I just started treatment in March so a lot of these thoughts are going through my head as well. Thanks for posting this!

    For me, it helps to find distraction from the negative thoughts. I go for a walk, pop in a movie, read a book, call a friend, etc.

    You can usually change your file size right on your camera by switching it to a lower quality or smaller file size right in the setting menu. Otherwise, you can continue to shoot them large and then resize in photoshop or another editing software and then upload them. Either way works! :D

    Feel free to email me if you still have questions about your camera…I’m a graphic designer. :D

    • ah thank you! Right before I read your comment I found the answer myself on my camera what are the odds! I’ll probably be sending you emails about my camera I’m a newbie :) thank you for the offer AND the support<3

  4. Do you have PAINT on your computer? You can use that to make a picture’s size smaller. For instance, I can take photos that are 4MB and make them about 300KB!

    What a great post! I love how, when you think about something negative, you stop yourself and actually think why you’re feeling that way in the first place!

    • ahh no I don’t have paint on my computer. or at least I don’t think so. :( I found how to edit my SD card though so maybe it’ll work for me later. and Thanks for the support :D

  5. “relax, roll with the punches, and go eat some food” <–I like the way you think! :D What-if's used to plague my mind every. dang. night. but it's weird, one day it just kind of faded. I honestly don't knw how or why, they just vanished. I think the strength and trust I gained in myself started to just quiet any recovery doubts. I'm with Laura on combatting the negativity, I ALWAYS have to keep my mind away from being idle. Drawing seems to put me in a freaky hypnotic spell and I just block out any thought haha!! Hope you have a great day chica!!

  6. What if everything turns out great and you end up being the happiest you’ve ever been? :D I used to torment myself with those negative “what if” thoughts too, and they did nothing but make me miserable and anxious. I don’t know exactly when or how my mindset changed, but I realized that by constantly worrying about the future, I was missing out on life in the present and it was kind of a wake up call to just stop worrying and let go of trying to control everything. I love all your thoughts in response to the “what ifs” :D

    You’re amazing. You know how I know? Because you’re in my head. I’ve seriously had and still have all of these questions and have rationalized them much like you did. I’m going to come back to this post if I need a reality check because you’ve got it goin’ on!
    I need a better camera. My little coolpix takes pretty shoddy pics. lemme know how the fancy schmancy one goes!

  8. I like what amanda said: “What if everything turns out great and you end up being the happiest you’ve ever been?” That’s what happened to me!
    You are doing so well with combating these negative thoughts. When ED says something you don’t like, push him down to the ground :D

  9. I love your thought process!! It’s so wearying and tiring and HARD to force those negative thoughts out of your head day in and day out…just keep at it and you’ll be shocked to see how successful you are and how great you feel in a few months!

  10. Roll with the punches and lose a little control sometimes – this is what I’m trying to do everyday! Your what-ifs run through my mind like everyday!
    I looove shrimp where’d u get those massive ones?!

  11. Great post! I ask myself similar questions. I find it’s still better than asking the Mr., “Honey, would you still love me if I gained X lbs???” Haha

  12. Go girl! keep bashing the negative thoughts! I have them too… and I either distract myself with blogging or chat it out with a friend =) Plus when Paul tells me he loves the things that i dislike about myself… man.. that really helps! i’m training him well i guess? =)

    love ya! mwah!

  13. Haha I love how you say, “it’s nothing new”…about not being happy with the way we look. Sometimes I feel like that too — like nothing’s ever good enough and I have to keep jumping to different points to try to find what makes me happy. I really need to concentrate on the moment and be happy with now.
    You’re doing wonderfully girl! Keep it up.
    Btw, whatre ur plans for the summer?

  14. We all battle those thoughts every now and then don’t we? I wish I had an aswer to these questions, but I am still trying to figure it all out as well. I am just trying to eat the best I can by FUELING my body, so that I can still work hard during my workouts. Its seriously all a battle with our minds. Sometimes I think we should just shut them off and listen to our BODIES for a change!

  15. holy crap. i think you just answered every nagging thought/question i’ve been battling with over the last two weeks. thank you for that!
    ps – i wake up at 4am on my own free will, too!

  16. I combat those negative thoughts by reminding myself that balance and what’s right for me is the best. What’s the point of worrying so much? That’s no life to live! That’s what I tell myself. Following what my body tells me to do is what makes me feel the best. What happens physically because of that is what’s meant to be :)

  17. What a great post! I combat negative thoughts by talking myself through things and seeing everything from someone elses angle. Usually I get stressed over little things so I try to look @ the big picture :) Also.. praying helps TONS!

  18. I love this post!! And definitely struggled with many of the same “What if” questions when gaining weight..but they eventually all took care of themselves. :)

    As for the photos, are you saiving them in RAW of JPEG? There should be an option on your camera on how to save the files, in which case you want JPEG as it’ll GREATLY reduce the size. they still do save in 1000-something X 2000-something, though so you’ll still need to resize them in a editor before posting. I usually go for 800 x 600 and then resize them even more in the post itself, but that makes them much more manageable.

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