Pillows of heaven

Thanks for all the encouragement on yesterday’s post! I’m trying to focus on the positive:

  • It’s only 16 weeks
  • I don’t have to pursue a career in Nursing
  • Fall semester ALWAYS seems to go quicker than spring semester
  • I’m only at the hospital (that gives me a panic attack and makes me cry) 16 times
  • Once I get into it my nerves will go away and I’ll be fully focused and back on track
  • It’ll give me something to do during the day.

Speaking of actually doing something during the day, I didn’t do much yesterday -It was a complete rest day.  I did however bake some cookies!

These are like cake-y cookies. They are really soft a little chewy and so delicious


I used this recipe from How Sweet It Is. I only made half the recipe and substituted 1/2 whole wheat flour and chocolate chips (we had no mini M&Ms) . I’m really regretting my decision on only making half of the batch. These cookies have the texture of a the softest fluffiest cookie you were ever bite into, every bite is filled with mini chocolate chips, and overall they’re delicious.

I didn’t bother making too many substitutions because I wanted a cookie. A real cookie. It’s worth it :)


I also sat around, watched movies, blog stalked, and put a turkey in the crockpot. Seriously I love the crockpot. It makes amazing meals.

Oh yes I also made these: Puppy Chow/Muddy Buddies/Monkey Munch whatever you call them.

Best snack topper ever. I'm warning you, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP EATING THEM! These are great toppers for yogurt, cereal, and anything else

The recipe I followed was:

  • 1/2 cup sunflower seed butter (you can use any kind PB, AB, Cashew Butter – whatever floats your boat)
  • 1 cup chocolate chips, cacao nibs – again any kind of chocolate
  • 9 cups of rice chex
  • 1 cup powdered sugar

I heated the Sun butter up in the microwave with the chocolate, mixed in the rice chex so they were all covered up with chocolate, then put powdered sugar in a bag and dump the rice chex mix into the bag and shake! Then place in the fridge to firm up. Enter deliciousness.


Question: Whats your favorite type of cookie?

Have you ever used the slow cooker/ crock pot?

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42 thoughts on “Pillows of heaven

  1. Yay for baking on rest days! That’s what I do too :P Slow cookers rock for lazy bums like me, I can always brag about the extravagantly meal I made and no one will know the lack of work I really did haha ;)
    PUPPY CHOW!!!! OMG I haven’t seen that since I was in like 5th grade! I totally forgot about that glorious, addicting snack. Man I have to make some right now.

  2. Those cookies look pretty damn good! I say you should whip up another batch ASAP, and maybe share some with me? please? :P
    I feel like I havent baked, let alone eaten a cookie in so long! I really like oat cookies, we sell oat cookies in the forms of ‘sticky date and ginger’ and ‘fig and pecan’ at my work, they are so good, or i really like white chocolate and macadamia.
    Wow! I’ve never even considered making my own cereal!

  3. Its a toss up between classic chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin – depending on the mood ;) I think puppy chow classifies as one of the most addicting foods there are, SO GOOD!

  4. The semester really does fly by, something I am reminding myself of as well! That type of snack is so dangerous around me, I can’t keep my hands from going back for more when it’s near me!
    Frosted sugar or regular old chocolate chip are my favorite types of cookies :)

    • I promise you purchasing a crockpot is better than anything else kitchen related. If I could make everything in our crockpot I would. I love being able to put it on low in the morning and come home and have a completed dinner. It’s worth the money! We have 3 different sizes of crockpots!! We use our crockpot at least 2 times a week.

  5. Puppychow with sunbuttter sounds so good! Can you taste the difference between that and using peanut butter?
    I never think to use the crockpot, but I really need to get on my game because it must make cooking so much easier.
    Sea salt dark chocolate chip cookies <33333333

    • Yeah I can definitely taste the difference using sun butter… we didn’t have any PB that I felt like using. and I didn’t want to use my Almond Butter because I’m hoarding it since it’s so expensive so I opted for the sun butter and it was DELICIOUS! I can only imagine it’s just as good with pb. USE THE CROCK POT! it will change your life/dinners forever. :)

  6. I’m headed back to school next week and I’m so excited and nervous at the same time! It’s always weird going back to work after a break- plus I’ve never taken a true graphic design course yet so I’m a bit intimidated to jump right in. But then again I can’t wait! Eeep. How nerve-wracking. I wish you the best, love! You’ll do fabulously. Stay positive!

    My favorite cookie has always been warm chocolate chip straight from the oven. YUM! These look divine!

    My mom is big on crock pot meals. Well, not ‘big’, but we used to have them once in a while. I’ve never had a veggie meal from one, though! I wonder if there are recipes. It’s perfect for meat, though- makes it very tender!

  7. I’m with you on real cookies. I remember baking with barely any butter or sugar and… blech… I don’t even know how I stomached that crap. When it comes to cookies, there’s definitely nothing like the real thing. My favorite have got to be chocolate chip oatmeal… they just bring back a lot of good memories :D

  8. The crock pot is the best thing ever invented. EVER. It is in constant use during the winter. I love making soups in it, and my mom made meatballs in it last week that were absolutely delicious. :D

  9. hmm my favorite type of cookie is probably just the simple fresh baked chocolate chip right out of the oven :) – either that or one of those cake-y ones from giant

  10. I can’t even remember the last time I had puppy chow! it was so long ago… I’d have to say i’m definitely a traditionalist when it comes to cookies. Well, as long as they have chocolate in them, i’m good!

  11. OK first you tell me about these pillows of heaven, and now I see them, I am most def trying these. NOMM. I just bought another jar of sunflower seed butter tooo so I am ready to rock!

  12. Love my crock pot. I have a few crock pot specific recipes on my blog, but I love that you can just throw anything in there and come home to awesomeness.

  13. Oh. My. Gosh.

    Puppy chow is basically my favorite thing on the planet.

    But once I start eating it, I CANNOT STOP. Like, for real. It’s kind of a problem. A problem for everyone else, because they don’t get any.

    Ok I think I need to go make some.

  14. Just got a new jar of sunbutter.. I guess I know what I’m doing tonight ;) and yes, i can officially say i’m a crockpot user! I have two crockpot recipes so far, but there will be many more in the future :D

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  16. man, i’m dreading going back to school, too! i love being done with work when i get home & it sucks to have always have something i could/should be doing! :( oh well, we gotsta do what we gotsta do!
    ps – love the crock pot for steel cut oats!

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