WIAW changing it up!

Today my friends is Wednesday, which means – you need to head over to Jenn’s blog and check out the other awesome “What I ate Wednesday” posts.

Lately I’ve been switching up my breakfasts – a lot. I’m trying to find what works for me before lifting. A banana and almond butter do not make the cut on days I’m at the gym lifting for an hour. I need something a little extra on the side.

5 egg whites, 1/2 cup GF oats (ground into oat flour), 1tsp baking powder, cinnamon, two drops vanilla stevia. Turn the oven on 350F. Bake for 10-15 minutes. Makes a total of 5. Eat them all. Found the recipe on the Live Fit Facebook page.

Today it was 2 egg white puffs drizzled with PB2 with a side of banana & AB (clearly didn’t make the picture).

I have also been starting my day off with some protein pancakes. I found Felicia’s recipe the other day and had a feeling I was going to love it. I did.

Protein pancake topped with banana and PB2 drizzle.

This recipe is so much better than the “oat blend” I was using for pancakes. Grain free makes my stomach much happier. I have made it three days in a row, switching up spices and toppings. A cold banana and PB2 mix is my favorite, for now.

Normally for lunch, I have a salad or a type of protein with tons of veggies but I was starving, I knew the normal salad would not hold me over. I’m trying to avoid grains to eliminate some major bloating t that goes along with it. So far moderate-high protein + moderate-high fats is going great.

I took this halfway through eating. I don’t remember the last time I had plain old potatoes but they were delicious! They had soaked up all the juices from the pork overnight. Sweet potatoes will be back, I miss my one-a-day sweet potato.

Did you know 25-50% of people detect an oder after eating asparagus? (Read the article here!) But only a quarter of the population have the special gene that enables them to smell those compounds. I’m one of those lucky people but I don’t care because I love asparagus.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Does your pee smell after eating asparagus? (yes I really did ask this question)

Best thing you have eaten today!?

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12 thoughts on “WIAW changing it up!

  1. woohoo! i’m so glad you liked the recipe! by the way, i love how you top it with a COLD banana. i do the same exact thing. cold banana > room temp banana as a topping :) same with cold berries or applesauce!
    and yes, my pee smells after asparagus. coffee too!

  2. My pee is guilty of stinkage after asparagus haha! I love that GF oat bake breakfast idea, I definitely want to try that out. Same with that pancake combo–YUM!! :)
    Happy WIAW friend!

  3. That’s so weird that some people CAN’T smell it, it seems so very, very obvious to me (and I have to admit, makes eating asparagus extra fun, haha–I’m a mildly gross dork). And yum, PB and banana on pancakes? Can’t ask for anything tastier as far as I’m concerned.

  4. I can’t smell the asparagus, and thank goodness because I don’t want anything to deter me from one of my favorite veggies!! I pretty much do the same thing for lunch too – veggies with protein and some source of fats works best for me!

  5. Bahahha I love you. I actually haven’t noticed much of a smell after I eat asparagus. I loveee this vegetable so much so I am glad it doesn’t affect my pee. I always try to smell a change, but no such luck.

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