Tastebuds and Trader Joe’s

I am now Pumpedpumpkin.com! no more for or wordpress! My twitter has also changed to pumpedpumpkin. I hate to switch things up but at least it wasn’t too drastic.

Other than my blog name slightly changing, my taste buds have been changing a lot. The other day I was craving some red meat. I have not had red meat in approximately 12 years or longer and all I could think about was a really big burger.

With the increase in animal protein intake I am just assuming it’s my body telling me
“Hey! time to switch up the proteins from turkey, tuna, chicken, salmon, pork, and other white meat fishes to something a little different.” I have also been doing a ton of research on the benefit of grass-fed beef and the importance of omega 6 and omega 3 ratio being in balance of 1:1 or 3:1

Both omega 3 and omega 6 are polyunsaturated fats and are important in hormone regulation. Omega 6 fats are converted into pro-inflammatory and omega 3 are converted into anti-inflammatory. Our diets are typically higher in omega 6s due to nuts, grains, vegetable oils, and we are typically deficient in omega 3 fatty acids. It’s almost impossible to be deficient in omega 6 fatty acids since they’re everywhere.

Omega 3s on the other hand can be hard to come by for some. Mostly wild fish and grass-fed beef are the best bet. For a better understanding of this post by Julianna Taylor. She goes into great detail and has a wonderful PDF chart comparing the two.

I realized I have been consuming way too many nuts and nut butters for my own good so in hopes to balance out the ratio, I went to Trader Joe’s in hopes to find some higher quality omega-3 foods.

This is as close to grass-fed beef as I can find. Unfortunately "this close" means 45 minutes away.

I am mostly excited about is eating the top sirloin steak I bought. I don’t remember the last time I actually had steak but I cannot wait to fire up the grill. Cold weather has nothing on the grill and me.

Salmon is always a must. Very high in omega 3 and also very delicious. Mahimahi is another favorite of mine

Trader Joe's Unsalted Sardines in water

The unthinkable. Sardines. Felicia has a great post on the benefits of sardines. I have been hearing a lot about the benefit of them and how good they are for you – so I went with it. Needless to say I was nervous all I have ever heard was “Ew gross sardines” I was wrong. I almost ate everything straight out of the can. I held back so I could enjoy it in a more suitable way

Sardines, avocado, lettuce, tomato, broccoli


It’s incredible how taste buds can change over the years! 5 years ago if you asked if I wanted salmon, avocado, sardines, beef, mushrooms, onions, brussel sprouts, asparagus I would have laughed. These foods have become a big part of my life now.

I’m embracing the changes and loving every minute of it!


What changes have you gone through recently?

How have your tastebuds developed?

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17 thoughts on “Tastebuds and Trader Joe’s

  1. Congrats on the new website AND the awesome trip to TJs! Their frozen meat section is awesome – did you get the Kobe burgers? That is a true splurge!

  2. Woo congrats on the switch to your own domain! Thank you for the bit of info on the fats as well… I need to switch it up too as I definitely mainly eat my fats from nuts/nut butters. It will be easier to change this when I go home!

  3. sardines are awesome! great nutritional stats and easy on the wallet too! i love using them like tuna to make “sardine salad” and but it on sandwiches

  4. funny i think my body is telling me the same thing. i had friends visit and really pushed myself to eat different foods, and my body reacted so well to it! our bodies don’t want to eat the same things over and over it needs its variety of nutrients, which is something i’ve not been doing a good job on. glad you are branching out and listening to your body!!

    and yay on your domain!

  5. what great eats!! i just got in from TJ’s (mine is 45 min away too, but i stop on my way home from class) and i just got 6 packs of the sardines. had it for dinner tonight and honestly mashed in avocado you can’t even tell that their in there. makes a great salad topper, and even a “dip”. picked up some red meat there too :) love the new domain! congrats!

  6. Congrats on the new site chica! :)
    When I was reading this, I literally almost fell out of my chair. I think you and I are secretly the same person because I just tried sardines for the first time ever two weeks ago and LOVED them and I have been trying to eat more red meat as well! It’s like we’re connected haha!
    My taste buds have also been wanting venison like none other after having it at fuddruckers haha

  7. Wow Sardines?!!? I might need to try them… a lot of people have actually been enjoying them!! I understand the need to change it up. I mean, if your body wants it, then why not listen? It sucks that you have to go 45 minutes away for grass fed meat!! I wish ALL markets offered that!

    • I bought sardines from TJ’s they were unsalted packed in water. SO GOOD! I don’t know what the salted taste like though (I did however accidentally bought some salted sardines today so I’ll let you know the verdict on it when I have it) … the unsalted tasted like tuna. I was really surprised and I liked it more than tuna… minus the bones in it.. there were a few bones which was weird.

  8. I love TJ’s too! I went there today and picked up some coconut cookies on a whim and they are so good! They’re thin little wafer cookies!

    They also had chocolate cheese to sample and I thought it was cheesecake so I took a bite and had to spit it out–it was so salty! ick!

    I LOVE your new profile picture! You’ve got some great muscle tone going on!

  9. AHH I was just thinking about switching to my own domain, but don’t really know how AND don’t know what the benefits would be!! I will have to consult you when I think more about it..plus I LOVE that new picture of you with the weights..you look amazing!

    • The domain is through wordpress it was $17 for the year. I went with super easy.. I’m still learning about hosting your own website and blah blah blah so I figured I would research it more over the next year and hopefully by the time next year rolls around I’ll be much more tech-savvy (but let’s not kid ourselves here FAT CHANCE)

      Anyway I just went in through wordpress.com and went to shop –> domains. Then bam. all done.

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