Coconut Flour Mug cake

We had a birthday in our house this weekend. First Paleo/grain-free birthday we have encountered. Needless to say my mom and I rose to the challenge of baking a “cake”

Okay actually, I was more focused on how to properly cook a steak rather than baking a cake all day.

Let’s just say the 3 hours I spent googling “how to not cook a steak on a grill but still have it taste amazing” was a complete success. My first steak ever by the way. :)

After having a delicious dinner, I put my google fingers on and started searching for Coconut flour mug cakes – I came across a lot of different recipes and we settled on our own concoction.

Coconut Flour Mug Cake

This was actually the second mug cake we made. The first one was Evan’s Paleo Mug cake. We tasted this one and didn’t really get the “birthday cake” vibe from it. To me, it was more of a chocolate banana bread but I didn’t mind! I dug right in for my “slice” of birthday cake.


I wasn’t really expecting to be posting as many recipes as I have been but I’ve been baking and cooking up a storm. I have also updated my recipe page! Tomorrow I’ll be updating with my live fit program and some other things going on

How was everyone’s weekend?

Best Birthday cake you have had?

22 thoughts on “Coconut Flour Mug cake

  1. I for one, am stoked you’re on this baking spree. You always make the most delicious concoctions! And yipee for steak!!!!! Nothin beats the taste of a perfectly cooked slab of meat. Embrace that inner cavegirl ;)
    Can’t wait to hear your live fit update tomorrow!

  2. I am always baking with coconut flour and now I can’t live without it. Thanks for this delicious looking recipe. For some reason food-in-a-mug just tastes better than regular food – the same goes for food-you-can-eat-with-a-spoon

  3. Omg this is the best paleo mug cake recipe I’ve found! I just made this and it turned out sooo moist and delicious! Helped nix my sweets cravings! Love it!!!

  4. I just made it, changing only to 2 Tblspn. maple syrup. Next time I will try 3 Tb.
    because it wasn’t sweet enough almost like 80% choc. I am very impressed & will continue to fine tune it. I dolloped it with vanilla hagen daz & it was super
    Mike McNerney

  5. Make this today! Loved it! I subbed 1 tsp maple syrup for the stevia.
    Will try it with two egg yolks next time. (I’m not supposed to have egg whites.)

    • *made

      Update: I made this again this morning with two egg yolks! Still yum! I can’t wait to play with this more but love it!

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  8. You can use rose petals, honeysuckle & calendulas to decorate your plain
    Christmas cake. I find it the easiest to sift the flour and
    other dry ingredients before I start with the creaming of the butter and sugar.
    Whenever the mixture becomes too dry and heavy, add a little
    milk to lighten it.

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