Friday Favorites

Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats does this almost every Friday and I absolutely love reading her post! I enjoy doing favorite things Friday so this Friday is all my favorite things I have found from pinterest this past week.

Favorite Must Try Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Pizza by A girl and her carrot. This recipe looks like a must try in my book. I am probably going to make it tonight for dinner! I love spaghetti squash with marinara sauce so I can only imagine how awesome this will be.

Favorite new workout program: 6 weeks to Sick Arms by Jim Stoppani. I complete the first workout on Wednesday and my arms were crying by the end. This is the area I need to focus on MOST. My weak arms are holding up the progress on my other body parts. I woke up this morning (2 days later) and I had massive triceps DOMS, my triceps never ache like this!

Favorite spring jacket: Candy Connoisseur Coat. It’s cute and pink!

Favorite Paleo Dessert: Banana Cream Pie from Against all grain. I recently stumbled across this blog and I love it. She has wonderful recipes and gorgeous pictures. It’s hard to choose one thing from here because I wanted to post everything I saw on her site!

Favorite Idea: Salad in a Jar from Bureau of betterment. This makes for an easy quick go to lunch on the fly!

Favorite wedding idea: Wedding date numbers from etsy. Etsy has some of the cutest wedding ideas!

Favorite easy dessert: Baked bananas in coconut oil from cook for your life. Coconut + bananas baked in the oven. I’m sold

Favorite Protein snack: Peanut butter chocolate chip protein cookies by creative live blog I would probably replace it with almond butter but regardless these are GIANT and grain free :)

Favorite article: Adrenal Fatigue by Diane at Balanced Bites This is an area I am really interested in learning. Everything in the article is very informational. I highly suggest everyone read through it. This was my favorite link up all week. I have book-marked it and sent it to various emails so I don’t lose it :)

Funny e-card: Nursing card. I love They never fail to make me laugh


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Mine will be filled with LOTS of outdoor sunshine. Our weather will be hitting 80 degrees here! As for my sugar detox I talked about (since I did post a ton of sugar-filled recipes today ;) ) is going great! I’ve been noshing on some coconut butter if I’m feeling a craving or if I get hungry!

What are your plans this weekend?

Any funny links?