A green package

Hello pumpkins!

This post was originally supposed to be posted yesterday but I had a real girl job orientation and dinner with my new deployment friend. The women who I have met along this process have been the most amazing and supportive people. I am blown away at how loving and caring they are. They say going through a deployment at home shows you who your real friends are and who will really support you…

Each week goes by a little bit easier. I keep myself busy but also have kept myself away from blogging because I just haven’t been myself. The first few weeks were okay because I knew he was safe… When that changed, it became nerve racking. No phone calls, sparse contact with internet messages. There were  lots of tears and mornings I didn’t get out of bed. But everyday I always did something for myself, exercise, eat healthy, eat chocolate ;), walk. It helps.

But what REALLY helps is planning care packages. The husband has a moderate to severe gluten intolerance… most of my boxes contain some kind of food that is always gluten free I am sending a box almost weekly.

St. Patricks day care package



In the box:

  • Pistachios
  • Cranberries (not green but they go great with nuts)
  • Tuna
  • Popcorn from OCNJ that was wrapped with shamrocks wrapping paper
  • Nut thins
  • Mint gum
  • Vitamin C packets (they were in a green bag)
  • War heads sour candy

Yes I send my boxes incredibly early because I don’t know how long they take or when they are able to get mail. I would rather him have 8 boxes at once then none at all.

I am going to do an entire post on how to package a care box. No one told me this. I felt completely blind on what to do or how to send it.


Any other green ideas for a care package?!

Green and clean WIAW

I thought I would jump in on the fun WIAW with Jenn. I have been enjoying tons of green and clean meals lately!

5am preworkout snack

topped with Rawtella and dipped in my coffee. Pretty much the best pre workout snack I could ask for.


  • Barbell bench press 5×8 – first set warm up
  • Reverse grip barbell bench press 4×8
  • Incline dumbbell press: 4×8 followed by 4×12 wide pushups
  • Dumbbell overhead triceps extension: 4×8 followed by 4×12 narrow pushups
  • Cable flys 3×10
  • triceps push down: 4×8
  • Assisted triceps dip machine 3×10

Followed by 30 minutes on the bike.

8am postworkout meal

I have cut out the protein shakes for a real meal after workouts, it seems to be working much better. chicken, broccoli, butternut squash with coconut aminos. 

1pm lunch

Turkey burger, butter lettuce, avocado, broccoli slaw with homemade mayo, sauerkraut, cherry tomatoes.

6pm Dinner

Mache, avocado, salmon mixed with dijon mustard and mayo, broccoli slaw, sauerkraut, tomatoes, and coconut amines.  Mache is my new favorite green

830 Bedtime snack

Chocolate mousse: 2 tablespoons 2% fage, 1 scoop protein powder, desired liquid depending on thickness of liking, topped with shredded coconut. Place in the freezer for 5 minutes or so to let it get cool and thick… also an unpictured spoonful of coconut butter :)Tessa is right 2% fage is the bomb. I finally caved and bought some.

Off to enjoy the gorgeous weather and fixing up an important post for tomorrow!


Your favorite green food?

What is your bedtime snack?